Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey There


This Doggy was on a stroll down the beach and he didn't mind posing for me for a bit.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

More Pics From Santa Cruz ~ Amimals Galore

I'm amazed how many wild animals live so close to San Fransisco.

Elephant Seals~
Anu Nuevo Elephant Seals

Ano Nuevo Elephant Seals

Lizard Attack

Beachus Bummicus~
Beach Bums

Sharp Pointy Things~
Cool Looking Shels in Tide Pool By Pigeon Point

Chitons From Tidal Pool by Pigoen Point

Sea Anemone Munching on a Fish
Sea Anemone Eating a Fish\

Starfish in Tidepool buy Pigoen Point

Muddy Mud Skipper thingy
Mud Skipper Thingy Found on Beach By Pigoen Point Lighthouse

Harbor Seals
I Think These are Harbour Seals

Blue Jay
Blue Jay?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Pictures from Santa Cruz Trip

These are from Mademann

Santa Cruz Bike Ride

Santa Cruz Bike Ride

Santa Cruz Bike Ride

Santa Cruz Bike Ride

From Martin



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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Santa Cruz Trip Pictures

Martin insisted that we stop at Martin's Beach. We rode down and it was pretty lame.
Martin's Beach

Top of Devil's Slide.
On Top of Devils Slide

It's the views like this that make the ride so amazing.
Amazing Decent

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. This is where we spent the night and Martin cooked up a mean pork loin.
Pigeon Point Lighthouse in the Morning Light

Steps up from the beach at Pigeon Point Hostel.
Beach Stairs

One of the dorm rooms at Pigeon Point Hostel.
Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

Getting the bikes ready for day two.
Prepping the Bikes for Day Two

I had to stop for this shot before we left.
Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Frolicing on the beach at Ano Nuevo Beach
Sand Dunes Flipping

After a long couple of days biking the fish tacos this little taqueria in Davenport were amazing.
Taco Stop in Davenport

4 weeks 3 Days till the ride

One reason I decided to do this ride was because I've been in a little funk lately. I don't think it's a problem to feel blue every once in while, but I was using up all my energy feeling sorry for myself. I read this quote from Viktor Frankl the other day and it made me realize that I need to get my shit together.
"It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us. We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life, and instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life—daily and hourly. Our answer must consist, not in talk and meditation, but in right action and in right conduct. Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual."

I decided that the best way to get out of my funk was to get focus on this ride. The first thing I need to do is clean up my environment. That is my goal for today. I'm going to clean my room and do laundry and surround myself with some good food.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back From Santa Cruz

WOW! This was just about the best ride I've been on in my life. Maybe it is tied to the Morgan Territory Ride I did a couple months back.

Here's a picture of use getting ready to climb up Devil's Slide outside of Pacifica.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Santa Cruz Trip Additional Info

To get home from Santa Cruz you can put your bike on a shuttle bus that will take you to Cal Train in San Jose. It is $4.00 ride the shuttle. You have to bring two bungie cords to strap you bike on the bus.
Here is a link to the bus schedule.

The Shuttle will drop you off at San Jose Diridon station. It is $7.50 to get back to San Francisco on the Cal Train.
Here is a link to the train schedule.

This map of the trip has an elevation profile but cannot be embedded.
An additional map of the trip with an elevation profile.

Santa Cruz Trip

I'm going on a bike ride down to Santa Cruz the Weekend. Here is route.

View Larger Map

My first real bike tour. Starting in 5 weeks 0 days

I’ve decided that starting on May 22nd I’m going on an 10 day bike tour. With this decision I’ve also decided to take my blog in a slightly different direction. I’ll still be filling the pages with pictures of San Francisco, but I’m also going to use it to document the preparations for my trip.

The main preparations I need to take are~

1) Getting myself ready mentally and physically.
2) Getting my bike and gear ready.
3) Getting my camera ready.
4) Planning the trip.

Here is what I have so far~~

As for my mind and body, I’m going to stop eating out as much (for health and money) and eat lots of unprocessed food. On the way to work this morning I got; dried fruit, oranges, bananas, carrots, milk, high fiber cereal, yogurt, almonds, raisins, string cheese, whole grain bread, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. This should be enough for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack for about a week.

I’ve decided that I’m going to stop drinking for the next 5 weeks (I'll let myself go out once somewhere in the middle to reward myself and keep up steam). To be completely honest, I think this is the #1 thing I can do to save money and improve my health (mental and physical). I’m going to try and ride at least 100 miles a week including overnight trips with all my gear as much as possible. I plan on doing a lot of riding on the weekends (I’ll have to do something with all the time I won’t waste drinking/hungover).

Bike and gear. This will depend on how much money I can pony up. A new bike would be nice, but I definitely need camping equipment; tent, sleeping bag, mat, cooking gear. I will probably need a front rack and front panniers too. I will probably purchase some clip pedals too.

Camera. This also depends on how much money I can find. I’d like a couple new pieces of glass and a new lightweight tripod. I will also keep working on my landscape and urban photography.

Planning. I have no clue where I’m going yet. I’m thinking coastal, but that could change.

I have exactly 5 weeks to figure everything out and get my self ready. I’ll keep a daily log (or almost daily) here on my blog.

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Rocket Man


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Mojo Bycicle Cafe!

Check it out. Pretty awesome Cafe.

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Screw You Fat Ass

Kyle Broflovski, all grown up in San Francisco, wearing hipster pants on a fixed gear bicycle.

I guess he didn't want his picture taken...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sweet Handle Bars!

I really need to get some of these handle bars!


One Size Fits Most, TriBeCa bars put the rider in the ideal aggresive yet relaxed position on the bike for radgnar traffic cutting. With the decrease in rotational mass compared to your former bars, your bike will practically barspin itself.

More Bike Ride Pics!