Sunday, August 31, 2008

I got published and I built a new portfolio!!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bacon Day Breakfast

Step 1 Wake Up
After 11 AM


Step 2 Buy Bacon
Get the good stuff. I don't have a butcher nearby but the organic market down the street came through. Thick cut. All natural. No antibiotics. No added Hormones. All Vegetarian feed. No Preservatives. MMMMMMM. Happy pigs make happy bacon.


Step 3 Open Bacon
Use a fancy Japanese knife if you want a cool looking picture.


Step 4 Warm Pan
Put a little oil in the pan so they don't stick and warm the pan on medium heat. Wait till it is hot to put the bacon in.


Step 4 Cook Bacon
Put the bacon in the pan. Don't crowd. let it cook.


Step 5 Wait
Take a deep smell of the glorious bacon.


Step 6 Almost Ready to Flip
Do the first flip when the bacon is starting to get brown on the pan side.


Step 7 Flip Bacon
Don't just flip. You must rotate to ensure maximum cookage.


Step 8 Be the Bacon
You must employ all 5 senses to achieve bacon nirvana. Ignore your personal ego. It's all about the bacon.


Step 9 Flip Again
When the edges start to get crispy it's time to flip the bacon again.


Step 10 Perfect Bacon
I like the whole range of bacon. A little crispy on the edges, mostly crunchy, a little soft on the wrinkles.


Step 11 The Bacon Gods Will Strike You Down if You Waste That Bacon Grease
May I suggest eggs?


Step 12 Holy Shit


Step 13 Lightly Dress Eggs
I went with some sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and some hot sauce.


Step 14 Eat
Wallow in the glorious amazing bacon. You are one step closer to enlightenment.