Sunday, May 4, 2008

Marin Headlands Trip ~ Getting there

The Marin Headlands ride is a fun and easy way to get out of the city. Because it is close to San Francisco I think people don't give the ride the credit it deserves. There is a lot to see and explore in the area and I like to take my time and enjoy the ride. I also recommend staying at the Marin Headlands hostel. For only 20 bucks a night this was one of the cheapest and easiest vacations I've ever been on. It's only 11 miles out of the city, but it's far enough away completely relax and forget about all your worries.

Marin Headlands route

1. Golden Gate Bridge
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge. Please enjoy the view and don't haul ass across the bridge. It's a narrow path with frequent crosswinds. There is plenty of opportunities on this trip to go fast, please take the bridge slow. (yeah, I'm talking to you, jackass with bright red spandex)

2. Parking Lot
On the other side of the bridge go through the parking lot and turn left up onto Conzelman road. It's about an 800 ft. ride to the top, but it's not a very steep incline.


3. Hawk Hill
Good job! you made it up the hill. Take a minute to rest and enjoy the views of the city. Get ready for one of my favorite descents in the area :D




4. Right into Field Road
After taking the turn just stay on the road until the tunnel.





5. Tunnel
This is a one way tunnel so you'll have to wait for traffic to come through the other side. There is a button to push that will warn traffic of bikes in the tunnel. Remember to take off your sunglasses and be wary of the occasional wet patch. After the tunnel take a right back to point number two and head back across the bridge.

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