Wednesday, July 2, 2008


P to the Ricia

Other than a couple extreme Frisbee session mentioned earlier, I've also been busy working on a portrait portfolio. I've spent more money on camera equipment than I'd like to think about so I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try and get a couple $$$$ back.

This is what I've figured out so far~

1) Take pretty pictures
2) Promote yourself on the internet
3) ??????
4) Profit

If anyone knows what step three is all about let me know, and in the meantime please check out My Portfolio of Pretty Pictures


Anonymous said...

Step 3: Collect a lot of soda cans and change them in for recycling money. Use that money to buy a ski mask. Then rob a bank. Use the stolen money to buy billboard space to promote your photography. Use all the money you get from your photos to buy an exorbitant amount of weed. Smoke that shit. All of it. Go into burger king, blazed, and order a big mac. Sit down on a curb and eat it. Savor every bite. While you're eating think about life, how absurd it is, how people live in houses, and then walk away from everything, and die.

Dustin Jensen said...

@ anon~~ I think you're onto something, but those Asian ladies who collect the recycling in my neighborhood are pretty fierce. I think I'd have more luck winning the lottery.

Kristie said...

Step 3: Get Subjects!

Kristie said...

Step 3: Get Subjects!

Dustin Jensen said...

@ kristie~ are they hiding or something? Under rocks? In the trees? Where do you find the subjects?

Kristie said...

That is the hard part.....if it was easy everyone would be a photographer.

Mrs. Superbad said...

road trip to northern washington - its retardedly beautiful up here. it looks like you have talent, nice work. that's a good place to start.

Nephi & Ruby Jensen said...

Really like Marianna's photo shot!!
Nice work.